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Holistic Nutrition + Lifestyle Coaching

Step away from restrictive dieting and create long-term, sustainable results without compromising your lifestyle.

Is this you?

Who is nutrition + lifestyle coaching for?

You feel tired and sluggish and know your nutrition needs to change, but are overwhelmed by the amount of information out there and don’t know where to start


You are confused by mixed diet advice, you want to what to eat for your unique body and symptoms, or you try to eat “clean” but feel restricted from the foods and treats you love


You are seeing changes in your body or the way you feel despite eating healthy and exercising. It’s so hard to figure out WHY these changes are happening.


You are curious if you are in perimenopause. You feel like your hormones are changing, sleep is disrupted, or you are noticing hot flashes, mood swings and a change in cycle or PMS symptoms.

1:1 By Design Nutrition + Lifestyle Coaching

is the solution

You’ll explore and uncover habits or thought patterns that are holding you up. You’ll ditch calorie counting (and maybe even the scale) for good. Through the practice of carefully curated micro-habits you’ll uncover the healthiest, most vibrant version of yourself. And when you begin to identify as the person you want to become, you’ll show up for yourself over and over again. Combined with your unwavering new mindset, you will exude confidence and grace in everything you do. And that right there, is what we’re after. .

“I’m finally sleeping through the night and have all-day energy!”

Kristi has blown my mind in the last few months! She helped me figure out the reason behind all of my mid-life craziness–you know: the 2AM wake-ups, the muffin top, & afternoon slump (just to name a few!). But, I am 100% on the right track now! Sleeping through the night, working on my AM routine, and feeling like a real live human again. Can’t wait to keep learning ALL the things from my new perimenopausal guru!

You are a unique, bio-individual woman

Your Nutrition + Fitness should be Personalized as well

1:1 By Design Nutrition Coaching provides support and accountability in making long-term, sustainable changes.

Whether your goals are related to weight loss, building strength, improving your relationship with food, or improving your gut health, By Design Nutrition Coaching ensures that you are making changes that are compatible with your lifestyle through guidance and support.

Create a lifestyle in alignment with the person you wish to become through holistic and mindset-driven coaching.

Hey there! I’m Kristi

I help busy women develop nutrition and lifestyle changes to optimize metabolism, lose weight naturally, and stabilize hormones.

THE RESULT! >>> Increased energy levels, loss of belly fat, improved sleep, no more bloat, and stabilized mood.

My approach is through a root cause lens, uncovering systems in your body holding you back from optimal health. 

Based on your specific needs, we combine nutrition, strengthening, gut health, liver detox pathways, hormonal balance, and stress management to reach your goals.

With over 20 years of experience coaching patients and clients, I have combined my education, expertise, and passions inside my signature programs and 1:1 coaching.

Ready to change your life?
Private nutrition, Lifestyle + Fitness Coaching

Ways to work with me…

1:1 Nutrition + lifestyle Coaching

The By Design Coaching Experience

Making intentional tweaks in all of the right places to get you from where you are, to where you want to be.  We use habit-stacking methods to create sustainable results that fit within your busy life.


  • Nutrition
  • Lifestyle
  • Supplements
  • Gut Health Protocols
  • Stress Management Techniques
  • Sleep Strategies
  • Thyroid + Adrenal Health
self-paced Course + group coaching

Metabolism Mastery Membership

Metabolism Mastery is a self-paced online program designed for women to help you achieve sustainable weight loss, reset your metabolism and increase your energy.

Includes the 10-Day Total Health Reset, educational and actionable videos, meal plans, and downloadable guides, combined with monthly group coaching calls with Kristi, a thriving community, and daily online support.

Mini Course with videos + guides

Best Day Ever Morning Routine

Interested in a taste of my teaching style and education. Start here with this mini course designed to help you create your perfect morning routine.

The videos and downloadable guide are designed to reset your circadian rhythm for optimal cortisol and blood sugar balance throughout the day. This is a foundational step in hormone health and solid sleep.

Also included: Hormone and Blood Sugar Balancing breakfast recipes with 30 grams of protein.

Create a lifestyle in alignment with the person you wish to become through holistic and mindset-driven coaching.

My cravings are gone!

“It was like the change was overnight! There is so much valuable information in this program! Kristi teaches in a way that makes so much sense. My cravings are gone, I have more energy, and I finally feel like I am gaining back control of my health.”
Karen G
55 year old business owner

All day energy!

“Before joining the program, I was struggling with mood swings, brain fog, and weight gain. This program changed everything! Within 2 weeks I noticed significant changes in sleep, cravings, and how my clothes fit. Now I am continuing my journey optimizing gut health and feeling more energy and motivation than ever before.”.
44 year old sales consultant

I feel empowered!

“Kristi made it very easy to reframe how to build my meals, think about nutrition and food without feeling like I was following a “diet.” Now, I feel empowered to order smart off a menu when necessary, include the right nutrients and have dropped my body fat percentage as well!”
Online business owner

What are you waiting for? Do it!

I am finally fitting back into the jeans I wore in my 30s! The bloating is gone, my belly fat is disappearing and I have energy to make it through the day. I love Kristi’s habit-stacking methods to health.”
48 year old real estate agent and mom of 2

10 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

  • Imbalanced hormones = sluggish metabolism
  • Sluggish metabolism = brain fog, fatigue, weight gain, cravings, sleep disturbance
  • Learn the steps to increased energy + sustainable weight loss without counting calories
  • Turn on your fat-burning hormones

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