How do you Protect Your Time

Time… oh give me time. It doesn’t just appear. One day we don’t get more of it. The only way to create more in your day is to find pockets of quality minutes. Carve it out. Schedule it. Yeah, yeah…sounds great right? But what about REALITY? Here are some tips to protect some 15 minute increments in your day to assure the things you truly value are accomplished. DESIGN

I write this article initially motivated by the excuse I often hear: “But I don’t have time to cook meals from scratch”. But as I started to think and write, I realized this can pertain to so many aspects of our lives. True, we all need some downtime to do nothing. I’ve found that when I schedule those silent moments, they provide value to my life rather than just get lost in the day. When I am intentional about a moment of silence, reflection, prayer or meditation, I find that it feeds my soul and renews my energy. Sometimes 2 minutes (timer set) is enough.

Here are some quick ways to

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