10 Steps to Switch to a Real Food Lifestyle

Let’s keep this simple and practical. This is YOUR journey. You can choose to go as real as you are able. Sometimes a real food way of eating can be limited by budget. Other times we just need convenience food to get our kids fed during hectic seasons of life. That is all OK!

real food lifestyle

Any step you take towards eating Real Food is a step in the right direction. Start with 1 meal/week if you need to! Give yourself permission and grace.

1. Start eating more fruits and vegetables

Wherever you are, add 1/day. Add an apple instead of chips. Add a vegetable to your dinner. Add sliced cucumber (with sea salt) to your lunch.

2. Get rid of junk foods

Trash the temptation. Raid your pantry and ditch the crap. If it’s not within reach you are more likely to make a healthier choice. Your kids WILL adapt. We are the gatekeepers of our home. A little tough love here… and hugs.

3. change the quality of a food you eat often

Tackle one change at a time. If you eat ground beef weekly, buy grass fed. If you eat eggs daily, find local eggs from pastured chickens or Vital Farms eggs from Whole foods.

4. Switch out one meal at a time

Start with one new real food meal weekly. Figure out what your family loves and keep it in the rotation. Roast a chicken with veggies, cook it weekly until it becomes easy. If you have a family favorite meal, tweak it to be more REAL. Reach out to me and I’d love to help you with this!

5. Go organic

This is a big one! Limiting the toxic load (pesticides and herbicides) on your food can change your emotions and energy levels! Your liver will be happier! Check out the Dirty Dozen list to prioritize which fruits and vegetables to change first.

6. make a smoothie

This is a quick real food meal that kids easily adapt to. In a blender combine fruit, avocado, coconut yogurt, hemp seeds and your favorite milk. I often add some collagen powder as well. We are loving the combo of frozen mango (organic from Costco) and organic blueberries (we picked and froze last summer) currently.

7. learn to read labels

We all need some convenience foods. We stick primarily to quality beef sticks, locally made granola bars with just a few ingredients, trail mix, granola, seaweed, and nut butters when we buy packaged foods. But read the label to make sure you understand all of the ingredients.

8. Eat more salads

Honestly, my kids aren’t into salads, but it’s the easiest meal for me! And super quick to throw together. Greens, leftover chicken thighs, avocado, tomato, cucumber, olives. Delicious! Making your own vinagrette or finding a quality brand is doable at most health food stores. My quick fix is olive oil and lemon juice… simple and so good!

9. Breakfast for dinner

Eggs with veggies or a quick hash makes an easy dinner most kids love!

simple real food lifestyle meal

10. the basic real food meal of meat and veggies

You don’t have to be an incredible cook to make this happen. You don’t even have to enjoy cooking. Bake chicken thighs, steam green beans, slice cucumbers and tomatoes with olive oil and sea salt, throw and bag of precut cauliflower florets in the oven with coconut oil, salt, and cumin. You have a super nourishing meal that everyone can enjoy!

Go easy on yourself

Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle

Jon Acuff

Next steps

  • The book: Nourishing Traditions is an excellent resource. If you are leaning in hard with a focus on traditional foods, this is a foundational guide and cookbook.
  • Read these 4 blog posts to start to change out your kitchen pantry and refrigerator
  • Start with these 4 real food recipes
  • Follow my IG account for tips and ideas to stay motivated and connect with me!
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